How to put Windows 10 in GodMode

In Windows 10, the settings are divided between the Control Panel and the Settings app. If you prefer to have all settings together, you can do that with GodMode. Here we explain how to set this up.

What is GodMode?

GodMode is a hidden folder that contains a lot of useful settings for your Windows PC, some of which aren't in the Control Panel or the Settings app. This folder was also already available on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, and luckily you can also activate it on Windows 10. Also read: Tips for Windows 10.

The functions and settings are displayed in folder in the Explorer, where you can change the view just like with a normal folder. They are divided into categories so that you can easily find them, such as Devices and Printers, Power management, Taskbar and Navigation and so on. Each function has been given keywords so that you can easily search for them.

How can you enable GodMode?

Create a new folder somewhere on your computer and give it the following name:


The folder icon then changes to the Control Panel icon. Double click on the icon, and you will enter GodMode. My GodMode folder on Windows 10 contains 233 different settings.

If you don't want to use GodMode anymore, you can just throw the folder away. To reset GodMode, simply repeat the steps above.

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