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Drivers should be updated as soon as a new version is available. This improves performance and improves the security of your system. We shout that very loudly, but we don't always stick to it either. Because who has the time and inclination to check all their drivers for updates every day? The reality is that most computers don't run the most recent drivers. Fortunately, there are programs to fix that, and DriverPack is one of them.



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  • Pros
  • Everything is automatic
  • Also future driver updates
  • Negatives
  • Unsolicited additional software
  • Unjustly designated malware

Lots of control

DriverPack installs drivers for all hardware in (and on) your PC, and then keeps them up-to-date. The strength of this program is also directly the part for which we are a bit hesitant. The program asks little and mainly does. That is ideal, but of course also quite tricky. There is little to configure before you start and once you give the program permission to install drivers, your PC is a lot of housekeeping. Even your graphics card drivers are replaced. Although a system restore point is created before you start, it is a bit intense, you give such a program a lot of control.

Unsolicited software

You'll find out why we think that's a problem pretty soon after the scan is finished. The scan turns out to be more than a scan and update, for convenience the browser Opera and the anti-virus scanner Avast have also been installed for a while. Great software, no, but we didn't ask for it! And we were not asked whether we wanted to install it. It can be prevented by clicking . during installation Expertmode, but that option is so subtle that most people will overlook it.

Afterwards, the program indicated that two drivers could not be installed, but did not explain why. In addition, it was reported that malware had been found, but it turned out to be fully valid software (such as Dropbox Helper). All in all, things that could scare you as an inexperienced user.


It's not that DriverPack doesn't deliver what it promises. On the contrary, it does more than it promises and that bothers us a bit. Installing and updating the drivers works fantastically and fully automatically, but it has a downside.

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