How to merge PDF files

Scanned documents as separate PDF files? Or do you need to bundle PDF reports? PDF files are handy, but unfortunately you can't just paste them one after the other. With these three tips you will still get it done.


PDFMerge allows you to merge PDF files online, without the need for registration or installation. Editing files up to 15 MB is free, but you do get the option to make a donation. You also have the option to download the program, so that you can edit files even offline.

The advantage of PDFMerge is that you can merge as many files as you want. In addition, various file combinations are also possible, such as Word, Excel, PDF and even HTML. Simply upload your files and press Merge to merge the file.

PDFMerge is a simple and free way to merge PDF files.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat lets you merge PDF files from different sources into one file. A big advantage of Adobe Acrobat is that you decide where you insert which page. The pages can be cut, moved and then merged. Simply drag and drop your files to create the merged file. So you can work in much more detail with Adobe Acrobat than with online variants. However, you do pay a lot for this. For the standard variant you already pay 195.75 euros.

Adobe Acrobat is a very complete program, but it also comes with a price.


Do you want to quickly and easily merge two PDF files? Then is probably a good option. You can merge files very quickly without downloading, installing or registering. A big disadvantage is that you can only upload two files. You can also easily rotate PDF files on, which is handy for incorrectly scanned documents. The procedure is the same as PDFMerge, simply upload and press 'merge'.

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