You can play these games remotely with your friends

The COVID-19 virus is rampant in the Netherlands and it is important that we all stay indoors as much as possible to prevent further spread. All that sitting inside can get pretty boring after a while. Especially when you have to miss friends and family that you normally see weekly or maybe even daily. That is why we have listed a number of multiplayer games that you can play with your friends remotely.

house party

In Houseparty you can invite friends via your phone number, Facebook account or via a link that you share. In the app you can see and talk to each other while playing games against each other. You may or may not do this in a closed room. If you don't lock the room, it means that strangers can join your game. You close the room with the lock icon at the bottom in the middle. In Houseparty you can choose from four different games: Heads Up!, Trivia, Chips and Guac and Quick Draw!. So you get a nice mix of 'who is it', trivial and hints.


Psycho! Is a game by Ellen Degeneres, the popular American TV host. Unfortunately, you cannot use this app remotely, but it is a good option for families and roommates. In this game you come up with bizarre answers to trivia questions. Your friends then have to guess which one is the correct answer. You can choose from different types of games, some of which you have to pay for.

Evil Apples

Evil Apples is the online equivalent of Cards Against Humanity. Evil Apples offers 4 different types of game modes. You can choose from Classic, Bizarro, Survivor or Random. You play all games with at least 3 participants. The person who asks the question gets to choose the funniest answer, just like with Cards Against Humanity. In the game itself you can also buy separate decks with a specific theme such as bookworms, dogs or dinosaurs.

Draw Something

This is, of course, a smartphone classic. With Draw Something you play 1 against 1 by always drawing a certain subject or object. Now there will be few true Picassos, so your drawings are not only an outlet for your creativity but also a source of entertainment for your opponent. With every correctly guessed drawing you will receive coins, which you can use to buy new drawing materials.


This is of course also a classic. Wordfeud is basically just online scrabble. So for the real word artists this is a nice option. You can play 1 on 1 and simultaneously play multiple games with different friends. You can also play against any opponent. Someone starts in Wordfeud by spelling a word. You create a new word based on that. You can put it horizontally and vertically. The more complicated the word, the more points you get.


Quizup is a trivia game for which you first have to indicate some areas of interest. These can vary from Logos to Disney movies and from Harry Potter to history questions. You can tick just about any topic that interests you. Then you can play against friends or against strangers. You will receive points for each correctly answered question. The winner earns all kinds of nice extras for his or her quiz monster.

Battle Racing Stars

Battle Racing Stars is a racing game that you can play with your friends. Once you've completed the tutorial, you can start inviting friends. There are different types of races you can do and with each win you unlock more characters and points. With that you can eventually upgrade your characters, with which you can buy better weapons again. The real diehards will therefore have created a well-balanced character in no time with which they beat everyone in every race.

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