15 pro tips for streaming with Spotify

Spotify is chock full of useful functions, of which you probably already know a lot. But are you sure you're getting the most out of the music streaming service? We give you 15 tips to stream better with Spotify.

Subscription formulas

You don't have to pay to enjoy the millions of songs on Spotify. With Spotify Free you can do it for free, but you have to be satisfied with the different forms of advertisements. Another restriction is that you can only play your playlists in shuffle mode. Those who sign up for Spotify Premium pay 9.99 euros per month and can enjoy the music ad-free. In addition, Premium users can also listen offline. The first thirty days of this subscription are free. The third formula – Spotify Premium for Family – costs 14.99 euros per month, so you can enjoy the service with up to six people within one family.

1 Listen through the browser

Spotify can of course be used via an app on your smartphone or tablet or via the desktop application on your computer. But you can also use the streaming music service via the browser. This is especially useful if you do not work on your own computer or if you want to save the battery of your smartphone. Simply surf here and log in with your account details. The interface is similar to that of the desktop application.

2 Search smarter

If you are looking for a song by a very famous artist, you will often see a whole laundry list of results ... just find that one nice song among them. Or are you specifically looking for a certain genre? If you search specifically, you will find what you are looking for much faster. Try for example album: madonna. That way you get albums with madonna in the title, without all the results of the famous artist. You can also refine each search with AND, OR and NOT. Other search filters are artist:, track:, year:, genre: and label:.

3 Offline

Premium users can take entire playlists offline. Handy if you want to listen on the go without using your data connection, and of course also if you go abroad and still want to keep listening to your favorite songs. The feature is limited to 3,333 songs on up to three different devices. The only requirement is that you must go online at least once a month to keep your offline music settings. To put a list offline, it is sufficient to turn the switch on To download above the first number. You can manage your offline devices through your account page.

4 Shared playlist

There are several reasons to collaborate on a playlist with others. For example, you can quickly prepare a playlist for a party. Simply create a new playlist or use an existing one, right click and then choose Joint Playlist. Then use the function To share to share the list with your friends, relatives or colleagues. If someone changes the playlist, all members get a notification.

5 Account Sharing

Share a Premium account with your partner? This is perfectly possible by logging in with the same data on two different devices. Mind you, you can't listen to music at the same time. Although there is a trick for that! If one of the two puts a playlist offline (see tip 3) and then also switches to offline mode via Settings / Playback / Offline, then the other person can listen online. With a Premium for Family account, you can create up to six separate Premium accounts. Please note that everyone must then live at the same address.

6 Without a break

Do you find those few seconds of silence between two songs annoying? Thanks to the crossfade function, you can make tracks flow into each other with DJ-like transitions. In the desktop version, click the arrow at the top right of your name and choose Institutions / Show advanced settings. Then you switch the function numbersto run into each other and set the time, for example five seconds. On your smartphone, go to Library / Settings / Play / Scroll songs / Continuous play.

7 View history

Did you listen to some great songs a while ago, but forgot to save them in a playlist? Does not matter. After all, you can easily view your history via the desktop application. Click on the hamburger menu at the bottom right. below playQueue you will find an overview of the current song and the next songs. Click on History to get a chronological overview of the last songs you played, regardless of the device you used. You can instantly replay a song, add it to a playlist or use the three dots button to queue, share, view the artist or album and more.

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