Tutorial: All about Apple's Mail spam filter on the Mac

Spam can cause your inbox to become heavily polluted with advertising. The Mail app on the Mac has a handy spam filter that prevents this. You can adjust the behavior of the spam filter yourself and disable it completely if you want. In this article you can read everything about the spam filter of Apple's Mail.

Anyone who receives a lot of mail also regularly receives unwanted advertising. The Mail app on the Mac automatically tries to capture these types of messages for you using a spam filter. You can adjust the behavior of the spam filter yourself via the settings of the spam filter.

The spam filter is part of the Mail app. The settings can therefore be changed through the preferences of this app. First, open the Mail app from the dock and select the button Mail in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Choose the option here Preferences and select the tab Advertisement to view the spam filter settings.

Disable spam filter

This tab contains all the options you can change about the spam filter. So you can have the option Enable junk mail filter uncheck, which disables the spam filter altogether. Do you only want to change the behavior of the spam filter? Then just leave the check mark.

You can disable the spam filter entirely through Mail's preferences

Email marked as spam by Mail stays in your Incoming folder by default, so you can verify it's spam. The advertising messages are clearly marked and therefore easy to recognize. With this method, your inbox will therefore suffice with spam messages. However, it is possible to change this and have messages automatically moved to the Junk folder. To do this, select below If you receive unwanted advertising: the option Move to Junk Mail Box.


Some emails may appear suspicious, but are not spam. Under the heading Do not apply the junk mail filter to the following message types: you can therefore indicate in which cases the spam filter should not be activated. You can choose from the options Message sender appears in Contacts, Message sender appears in recipient overview and Message is addressed to my full name. Place a check in the box for the option to turn it on.

Indicate in which cases the spam filter is not activated

Fix Mail Errors

Do you regularly receive email that Mail marks as spam but isn't? Then this mail will disappear in the junk mail folder. You can prevent this by having the spam filter filter the mail more accurately. You can indicate yourself what the spam filter should pay attention to.

To do this, select below If you receive unwanted advertising: the option Run custom tasks. Then click the button Advanced to indicate which tasks should be performed. Give under the heading If all of the following conditions are met: what requirements an email must meet in order to be selected by the Mail. You can add additional conditions by clicking the + clicking on the right side of the screen.

Indicate yourself how the spam filter should respond in certain situations

Then indicate which tasks Mail should perform as soon as a mail is found that meets the requirements. For example, you can move the message and mark it with a color, but also play a sound or have a character appear in the dock.

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