This is how you watch Virtual Reality videos on YouTube

Are you the lucky owner of VR glasses and want to watch YouTube videos with them? Thanks to the latest update of the YouTube app on Android devices, two new VR functions are available on the video platform.

First of all, YouTube now supports VR video, an interactive video in which you can look around. If you play a video that supports VR in full screen, a Google Cardboard logo will appear in the lower right corner of the video. Pressing this will start the VR function and you can place the phone in the Google Cardboard for the full VR experience.

Because the video was recorded with dozens of cameras, each filming its own angle, it is possible, for example, to look around 360 degrees on top of an iceberg. For an overview of 360 degree videos with VR support, you can visit this YouTube page.

Regular videos in VR

Besides playing VR video, YouTube also built in theater function to play standard videos that don't support VR function.

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