Serif WebPlus X7 - Creating websites without HTML

Creating your own website is a snap if you're willing to purchase Serif WebPlus X7. With this web editor you can put together websites without using complicated code language. The good thing is that you don't have to make any concessions, because the design program has a lot of options.

Serif WebPlus X7


€ 74,99




Windows XP/Vista/7/8


8 Score 80
  • Pros
  • Many features
  • Dozens of templates
  • Suitable for mobile
  • Negatives
  • User environment

All tools for building your own website are available from the WebPlus X7 design window. This makes the user interface very busy, but on the other hand, you don't have to open all kinds of extra windows to reach certain functions. The new start screen will get you started. You can use this to view instructions and already select a suitable template.

It is useful that you immediately add the desired pages, for example a contact form and slideshow. You are of course also free to build a website from scratch.

In the new start window you can choose between dozens of templates.

Add items

In the design window are several ready-made objects ready for you that you simply add to the page, such as an image, illustration, movie, calendar, navigation menu, search bar, map and social media. New is the support of some HTML5 functions. For example, you add a video to a page that every visitor can view without a browser plug-in.

A plus is that you can optimize the website for display on a tablet and smartphone. Serif has also overhauled the form design window. You now have more options to adjust this part to your own liking. As soon as the website is completed, you put it directly online. All you need to do is enter the correct server details from your hosting provider.


Serif delivers with Serif WebPlus X7 an affordable program to build beautiful websites. Thanks to the support of various modern functions, the software is perfect for hobbyists who want to put a decent website live.

For example, you can integrate social networks and embed HTML5 videos. It is advantageous that the publisher does not provide all kinds of auxiliary applications, so that users can focus on one user environment. It does take some time for beginners to get used to the crowded interface. Furthermore, there is unfortunately no Dutch translation available.

You can simply drag and drop objects that you want to add to the design window onto the page on the design window.

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