Editing videos in YouTube, that's how you do it

You don't need any special software at all to properly publish a video on YouTube. Thanks to an editing function in YouTube, you can improve your fragment, stabilize it, provide it with an effect or even place a different soundtrack under the images. We explain to you how to proceed.

01 Upload

Open your browser and surf to www.youtube.com. Click in the top right corner To register and sign in with your YouTube or Google account. Then click on the right of the search bar upload to publish a new video clip on the website.

You can simply drag a video clip into the window.

You can upload standard videos of up to fifteen minutes in different file formats. Click the large gray arrow to select a file. Navigate to the correct file location, select a video clip and click To open. If desired, you can also simply drag a video file into the window. Depending on the quality, playing time and your internet connection, uploading and processing can take some time.

Once your video has been uploaded, a green checkmark will appear next to the title. By the way, you can easily change this title in the box below Title. You can also add a short description to your video and enter some labels (tags) so that people can find your fragment faster. Do not forget to enter a comma between the different keywords.

02 Settings

When uploading videos, it is important to think carefully about the privacy settings. By default, your video is published publicly, so that everyone can view your clip. You can change this to Hidden or Privately, so that only people with a direct link, or only people you select, can view the file.

below Category can you indicate in which category your video fits best. At the very bottom you will see some still images from the fragment. You decide which video thumbnail to use. Through Advanced settings Could you possibly indicate whether people can leave (video) comments on your video. In addition, it is also possible to Video location to enter and a Shooting date to select.

Are you done with the settings? Then choose Saving Changes All the way at the bottom. Do you notice the blue bar with a note about default settings at the very top of the screen? click on Configure Default Settings if you want to use these settings for future uploads as well.

In the advanced settings, you indicate, among other things, whether viewers are allowed to respond to your video.

03 Edit

Through Video management you get an overview of your videos. click on To process to take a snippet. On the tab Information and settings we're all set. So click on the top bar to Improvements.

Then you can upload your fragment Edit automatically and Stabilize. You can also choose a filter or adjust the exposure and color with the button with the sun. To trim your clip, use the scissors button. You can then easily enter a start and end point. Do you want to make all faces unrecognizable? Then click Additional Features and then on To apply.

If you are happy with the results, click Save. It may take some time to make the changes. Through audio at the top of the bar it is possible to put another track under your fragment. By default you will see the top tracks, but you can also search for pop or rock songs in the menu. Confirm changes made again with the Save-knob.

If you are not satisfied, you can always go back to the original.

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