The best spinner apps for your iPhone

You may have already seen some children playing with it: The Netherlands is under the spell of the fidget spinner. This trend has not gone unnoticed by developers, which has left the App Store full of spinner apps. But which app is the best?

Finger Spinner

Developer Ketchapp has added a game element to their spinner app. You spin the spinner and earn a coin for each full circle. You get 5 turns to give the spinner a pendulum, after which you can level up after a certain number of spins. With the coins you earn you can upgrade your spinner, allowing it to spin for longer and reach a higher top speed. Download Finger Spinner from the App Store. Also read: The best apps and gadgets for your bike.

Fidget Spinner – Hand Spinner Focus Game

With this app from developers Branislav Markov, the spinner is just one part of the whole app. After you have turned the spinner a number of times, which is still quite stiff, you unlock a minigame. These minigames have no spinner element, which makes them seem rather random. Furthermore, the app is also full of advertising; after almost every minigame you have to watch an ad for 30 seconds. Download Fidget Spinner from the App Store.

Fidget Spinner - the best one ever

The name of Cameron Samuels' app promises a lot. In principle, this is also the only app that exactly mimics reality: you spin the spinner and that's it. No points, no levels, nothing. You can choose from six different spinners. Spinning the spinner is also quite realistic: the app mimics the effect of a fast spinning object, making it look like the spinner is spinning the other way. Nice extra. Download Fidget Spinner from the App Store.

Fidget Spinner Pro

In the app from developer Cider Software LLC you can choose between an endless mode and challenge mode. You guessed it: in the challenged mode you have to make as many spins as possible within 30 seconds, while in endless mode you can spin to your heart's content. The app simply keeps track of the number of spins. Download Fidget Spinner Pro from the App Store.

The spinner app that calls itself 'the best one ever' is most similar to the original toy, but we as editors liked the Finger Spinner app more. The game element with coins, upgrades and levels allows you to entertain yourself a little longer with the digital spinner.

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