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There are plenty of times when you would like to print something larger than the size your printer can handle. Fortunately, it is also possible to print gigantic images without a copy shop with a giant printer, with Easy Poster Printer.

When we talk about large, you may think of dimensions such as A3, A2 or even larger. Not only are these types of dimensions no problem for Easy Poster Printer, the program can even handle a maximum size of 20 by 20 meters. The way in which this is done is easy to guess: the image you select is chopped into pieces, which you then print and paste together. It is nice (and necessary) that the program takes into account the fact that most printers cannot print the entire sheet and takes into account the white edges in terms of size. Effectively, this means that if you choose A3, for example, you will end up using more paper than A3 and that once you have glued everything together, you will actually have an A3 image. It is nice that you can also reprint individual parts of the poster, so that you do not have to run the entire work of art through the printer again if something went wrong (for example with pasting).

Your image is divided into areas that you can print all or individually.

No resolution warning

Of course you can't blow up every image to jumbo size, because if your photo is too small, the end result will turn into a blurry, grainy image. Unfortunately, the program does not issue a resolution warning. While you can take a closer look at the pages with a magnifying glass, in a program so specifically designed for something like this, a quality caveat shouldn't be missing. Basically the process is quite automatic, you can open an image, choose a size and print. If you want more influence, you have options to adjust the page count up or down and adjust the thickness of the cutting lines. The exact effect of this is unclear, and the manual offers little help either, so printing and trying is the way to discover exactly what options this offers, which is a shame.

Pay close attention to the zoomed-in view for an indication of the end result.

Fast and easy

However, the question is whether you will ever use these options. The program seems mainly intended to be able to print a beautiful giant poster without much hassle and the program certainly succeeds in that. If you want complete control and adjust everything perfectly to your wishes, then Easy Poster Printer may not be the ideal choice, but if you are looking for a quick, simple solution, then this program is ideal and you will have a gigantic print in your hands within half an hour. .

Easy Poster Printer


Language English

Medium 5.55MB download

OS Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64 bit)

System requirements 42.3 MB hard disk space

maker Brian Niels Bergha

Judgment 7/10


Make giant posters easily and quickly

Can print individual poster parts


Not Dutch speaking

No warning at too low resolutions

Possibilities of the extra options not clear

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