This is how you put a pin code on your voicemail

Did you know that you can shield your voicemails from unwanted listeners? By setting a pin code, you prevent the messages from being listened to. You can secure your voicemail using the step-by-step plan below.

Although we call less than five years ago, it is still a simple and pleasant way to speak directly. If you are unable to answer for any reason, the caller can leave your voicemail. Handy, because that way you can listen to the message where and when it suits you. However, the voicemail has one major drawback: the message box is not secured by default. This means that anyone holding your - unlocked - smartphone can listen to your voicemails. If you don't want that, you can protect your voicemail by setting a PIN code.

This code consists of four digits and you choose it yourself. Once set up you have to enter the code before you can access the message box. So remember the PIN code well and save it, for example, in a password manager app.


If you have a Vodafone mobile subscription, call 1233 on your telephone. Choose 11 for the main menu, choose 2 for the personal settings of your voicemail and finally choose 3 for the pin code. Create a code.

You can also indicate via these settings when the voicemail should ask for the code and change the code. Did you forget it? After three wrong attempts, Vodafone will send you a text message with a temporary code. You enter it and then change it. You can also call the provider if you can't figure it out.

You can read more information on the Vodafone website.


If you are a T-Mobile customer and you want to set a pin code for your voicemail, call 1233 with your mobile. Choose option 9, then option 2 and again option 2. Create your code and press '#'. Keep in mind the security requirements of the provider, because T-Mobile does not accept easy-to-guess codes. You can find those requirements on the T-Mobile website.

As a mobile user of the pink provider, you must enter a pin code by default when you call your voicemail from abroad. Important: set the code before you go abroad, because this is only possible in the Netherlands. Call 1233 with your mobile, choose option 9, then option 2 and again option 2. Now set a code and observe the requirements of T-Mobile. For example, you are not allowed to use five of the same digits, and 12345 is not allowed either. This for security reasons.

Are you abroad and want to listen to your voicemail? Call 1233 or +31624001233 and enter the code. Lost code? Dial 1233 to open voicemail and press '#'. T-Mobile will now text you the code.

You can read more information on the T-Mobile website.


KPN requires you to enter a pin code if you want to listen to your voicemail from abroad. This is to protect against foreign hackers and spammers. You set the code the first time you call your voicemail. The code is a minimum of four and a maximum of ten digits.

Have you not yet created a PIN or do you not remember it? If you call voicemail (1233 or +31612001233) from abroad, just enter '#'. You will now receive a temporary access code via text message, which you will change later.

You can read more information on the KPN website.

Other providers

Are you not with one of the three major providers? Don't panic, you can also set a pin code for your voicemail with other providers. Below you will find the instructions for the following providers;


Hollandsnieuwe (send 'voicemail' and then 'change settings' in the robot chat).




Is your provider not listed here? You can easily obtain the information you need to secure your voicemail via the internet or customer service.

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