Remote PC support, that's how it works

Remotely taking over a screen is also known as 'remote assistance'. With this technique you can operate a computer via the internet. This can be done from computer to computer, but also from your tablet or smartphone. We discuss solutions for controlling and taking over a computer remotely.

01 Take control

When operating a computer remotely, we distinguish between two scenarios: providing remote assistance to someone with a computer problem and operating your own computer(s) remotely. Both solutions work via the internet, but have a different approach. For example, if you want to offer help to someone, the control lies with this person to accept or break the connection.

You can always watch while you solve the problems. It should also be easy to take over the screen, read: as little effort as possible for the needy.

Do you want to operate your own computer(s)? Then it is important, among other things, that the option to take over the screen is automatically started with Windows.

02 Multi-platform

There are several options for getting help or remote control. We choose the simplest solutions that will work in almost all situations: Ammyy Admin and TeamViewer. Ammyy Admin works the simplest, but only under Windows.

TeamViewer works multiplatform. There is a version for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. For example, you can take over and operate your Windows computer in the attic from your iPad.

You can also take over a Mac with the Windows version of TeamViewer (or vice versa).

Without difficult settings

All discussed applications require no (or hardly any) technical adjustments. So you don't have to do complicated port mapping or firewall settings on your modem/router. These kinds of settings were once necessary to get remote control software to work.

With both TeamViewer and Ammyy Admin, the technology and security are taken care of in the background: you don't have to be an expert to get the programs working.

No technical knowledge is required to connect to another computer.

Remote help

03 Remote Assistance

Are you seen as an expert by your environment and are you regularly asked to 'help' with a computer problem?

Thanks to TeamViewer or Ammyy Admin you no longer have to leave the house! Both programs are free for personal use. For the remote assistance session, we will start with Ammyy Admin, because this program works just a bit easier than TeamViewer.

Ammyy Admin works slightly easier than TeamViewer if you want to quickly take over someone's screen remotely.

04 ID of Ammyy Admin

Conveniently, Ammyy Admin does not need to be installed: not on your computer and not with the person who wants to offer you remote assistance. This makes using Ammyy Admin very easy because some people still struggle to install programs and you also have to pre-chew this process before you can take over the screen.

Instruct the needy person to get Ammyy Admin through this website. Let the program start. A code will appear on the screen. This is at ID and you need to take over the screen, keyboard and mouse.

Ask the person who wants to help you for their ID from the Ammyy Admin program.

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