Download all links on a page with DownThemAll

Sometimes you come across a site packed with useful files. Think, for example, of old magazines or other documentation in PDF format. Downloading them all click by click is quite a lot of work. That can be a lot easier with the add-on DownThemAll for Firefox.

It can be a sport to build your own library of topics that interest you. Consider, for example, a collection of construction drawings for model airplanes. Or a whole collection of PDF documents on a particular topic. Now the internet wouldn't be the internet if there weren't people with more or less the same hobby or interest as you. And so you regularly come across beautiful websites packed with documentation or other types of files that you would like to read on your tablet or computer. Preferably locally, so that you can use it later, even if the original page no longer exists. The Firefox browser in combination with the DownThemAll add-on makes downloading a whole list of files from a web page very easy.

to install

DownThemAll is easy to use. Launch Firefox and download and install the add-on from here. After a click on Add to Firefox the add-on is installed - after you have given permission. Once you've done that, right-click on the toolbar at the top right of the Firefox window. Click Customize in the context menu. Drag the DownThemAll icon to an empty spot on the toolbar. Then click on Finish editing.

Simple to use

From now on it all works very simply. Open a page with a large collection of links to PDF files. Then click on the button just added, after which the main DownThemAll window opens. Basically, the add-on detects all available content hidden behind links. You can select the desired documents and files from the list at the top. It can also go through faster Filter select the desired file type. Optionally, choose a different save folder than the default copy and click the button Start!. That's where your files come in. The download speed does depend on what the web server has to offer. Smaller sites are often a bit slower.

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