Clean up your iTunes library

If iTunes is your favorite playback software, sooner or later you will run into the problem: the music library is polluted. iTunes Cleanlist automates the process of cleaning up your library, adding new media and removing media that is no longer on your hard drive.

1. iTunes Library

iTunes Cleanlist makes it easy to quickly clean up your iTunes music library. You can specify folders with music and iTunes Cleanlist will add them to iTunes. This is similar to dragging MP3s (or folders of MP3s) into the iTunes window, but much faster! For example, you can add the contents of the C:\Downloads folder to the iTunes library.

Before you get started with iTunes Cleanlist, it's a good idea to back up your iTunes library. Close iTunes and open the folder in Windows Explorer My Music / iTunes. Copy the files iTunes Music Library.xml and iTunes Library.itl to another folder.

Back up your iTunes library files before getting started with iTunes Cleanlist.

2. iTunes Clean List

iTunes Cleanlist also targets deleted MP3s. These are songs that are in your iTunes library, but are no longer on your hard drive. You don't notice that something is "wrong" until you try to play the song in iTunes.

iTunes Cleanlist checks all songs in your library to see if they still 'exist' on your hard drive. If not, the song will be automatically removed from your library and playlists.

Download and install iTunes Cleanlist and launch the program.

MP3 file deleted or moved? You won't notice it until you try to play it with iTunes.

3. Clean up

click on Add and indicate where your music files (and other media) can be found, for example the folder My Music, C:\Mp3 and C:\Downloads. Place a checkmark Remove entries that no longer exist. click on Save settings and save the settings you just made. You can open it next time and use iTunes Cleanlist even faster. click on Start to put iTunes Cleanlist to work and clean up your iTunes library.

If something goes wrong while cleaning your library, you can always go back to your previous situation. Copy the files you backed up in the first step back to the folder My Music / iTunes and overwrite the target files here.

Tell us where to find your files and iTunes Cleanlist will do the rest!

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