This is what your Facebook page will look like to others

If you've adjusted Facebook's privacy settings, it's generally good to know what your profile page looks like to others. For example, you may not want the whole world to follow your stormy relationships. Fortunately, it is easy to check how someone sees your profile.

While logged into the Facebook website, go to the Privacy Shortcuts menu button - this button resembles a padlock icon with three horizontal lines behind it - and click it.

Now you can see the list "Who can see my content?" and choose "View as" in the "What do others see on my timeline?" section. This will take you to your profile page, but with a black bar at the top that allows you to choose which person you want to see your profile as.

View as specific person

By default, the tool shows what your profile looks like to the general public, but if you want to know how a particular person will see your profile, select View as specific person and type in someone's name.

To go back to what it looks like to the general public, select Show as Public . To exit this view, click the X button in the black bar at the top of your profile.

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