All about Google Photos: store unlimited photos

With Google Photos, you can put unlimited photos and videos in the cloud for free. This way you can continue to expand your photo collection. Google Photos offers, among other things, the option to upload your photos in high resolution, share albums and tag your photos. The service also has more to offer. In this overview we explain how Google Photos works and what the possibilities are.

Nowadays you no longer have to carry a camera with you to take good pictures. Everyone takes a photo or video with his or her smartphone in no time. As a result, the storage of your smartphone is quickly full. To solve this problem, Google Photos was created. With this service you can store your videos and photos unlimited. This way you can be sure that your photos will be saved and you don't have to worry that your storage is full.

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Save and edit photos for free

Google Photos features

Saving photos isn't all that Google Photos has to offer. You can also edit the saved photos. The service has a number of options for retouching your photos. This way you can rotate and crop the photos. You can also correct the brightness, sharpness and color. In addition, you can, for example, expand the brightness settings and color controls further for even more options. Here are somewhat more extensive customization options.

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In addition to editing the photos, there are many other options. Viewing the so-called metadata is also easy to do. This is peripheral information of your captured photos or videos. The metadata displays information such as the date and time, as well as the settings you used to take the photo. You can also view where the photos were taken and display them on Google Maps. A very nice feature to view your recent tour, with location. You can also set favorites and share your photos with others. Google Photos even gives you the option to automatically create GIFs from your images.

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Create GIFs automatically with Google Photos

14 Tips for Metadata in Photos

Cloud services

Cloud services are not just for your mobile. There are plenty of other storage services. If you like to work on a laptop or desktop, it is also very important to save your files. It is recommended to use a cloud service for this. This way you can be sure that you can always and everywhere access your files and that they are stored securely.

There are actually countless companies that offer this. Google, Microsoft, Dropbox and many more companies, among others, have such a service in their portfolio. For example, one offers better sharing options, the other gives you more storage space. The services to which you have access differ per platform. In addition, each cloud service has a different way of retrieving and uploading files.

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This is how you move files to a cloud service

Save old photos

Do you have old photos lying around and would you like to keep them digitally? Google offers a solution for this in the form of Google Photo Scan. This free Android and iOS app makes it possible to scan your old photos. By using the app you can upload photos from the past using the camera of your smartphone. The app works very well in combination with Google Photos. This way you can immediately save your old photo collection in the cloud.

Digitize all your photos with Google Photo Scan

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