Wiko WIM - Dual camera, twice as good

The Wiko WIM (we can't get used to the name either) is the first expensive phone from the manufacturer that always made good cheap Android devices. Wiko has managed to build a very solid middle-class phone with which you can take beautiful selfies.

Wiko WIM


€ 399,-


5.5", amoled, full hd


Android 7.1


2.2GHz (ARM Cortex-A53)


4 GB/32 or 64 GB (expandable)




13 megapixel, double (rear), 16 megapixel (front)


4G (LTE), bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC


75.2 x 156.2 x 7.9mm


160 grams


Fingerprint scanner, voice recognition


wikomobile.com 8 Score 80

  • Pros
  • Voice Recognition
  • Premium look
  • selfie camera
  • Negatives
  • Camera (in the dark)
  • bloatware

Wiko has always been a great, if somewhat strange, phone brand for those who wanted a good smartphone for little money. With the SMO, the French company is now trying to move a little more to the higher segment, and it works wonderfully well! A large phone with a clear screen, fingerprint scanner and a striking dual camera on the back makes up for the higher price of € 399.

OnePlus lookalike

The Wiko WIM looks premium and looks a lot like the new OnePlus devices, although the back is made of plastic and the phone is slightly thicker and heavier. The 5.5" full HD AMOLED display looks surprisingly good (even in the sun), and the fingerprint scanner is fast. In addition, the phone uses voice recognition to unlock, which works surprisingly well. Wiko uses a bare-bones version of Android, but it does have some strange and seemingly useless apps like "cleaners," which we don't think should have been necessary.

good selfies

Wiko has paid a lot of attention to the dual camera, but it is a bit disappointing. The dual camera should work extra well in the dark, but that is disappointing: images are grainy and have little color. What is very good: the beautiful 16 megapixel selfie camera with which you can take clear, colorful self-portraits. You notice on some points that this phone falls in the middle class: sometimes it is quite slow (especially the camera), and especially in the dark the camera leaves something to be desired. Also, the permanent call to create a Wiko account is quite annoying, but all in all, that's small beer. The Wiko WIM is a great phone, and although € 399 is a lot more expensive than we are used to from this manufacturer, that is not a cent too much.


The Wiko WIM is a surprisingly good phone with a higher price than we are used to from the company, but not too high at all. It's not the best buy (there are China phones with better specs), and the look of the WIM might not immediately catch your eye, but if you're looking for a phone within this budget, you'll be more than okay with this.

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