How to install themes for Windows 10

It's always nice when you can personalize the shape and color of your computer. After all, a nice look makes your computer use even more attractive. Setting themes in Windows 10 is a handy way to completely customize your PC to your own taste. We will explain how you can install Windows 10 themes in this article.

Microsoft themes

Of course, Microsoft itself has designed themes that you can download from their own website. These themes give you options to customize the background of your laptop or PC, use a color scheme for your menus, and also customize the notification sounds to your liking. The handy thing about these themes is, of course, that you don't have to reinvent the wheel yourself and can simply use a ready-made, eye-catching product.

You can browse different types of themes on Microsoft's website. All these themes are sorted into different categories so that you can easily and clearly search for the theme of your taste. The only downside is that you don't get a preview of the theme and so you will have to download a bit on the gamble.

Download and install theme

Have you found one that you like? Then you simply have to click on the link to download the theme. Then go to your download folder and double click on the file to install the theme. Then the settings menu opens and you can make the last adjustments to the theme here. Here you also get to see for the first time what the theme actually looks like.

By the way, you can also go to your personalization settings by right-clicking anywhere on the desktop and choosing 'personalize'. You can change the background, colors and sounds of each theme to your liking, or you can just leave the theme as it is.

You can always find your themes under the Windows settings under the heading 'Personalization' and then select 'Themes' in the left menu.

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