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When you have to reinstall your PC you will be shocked by the amount of serial numbers you have to enter. And do you still have all the license keys at hand for software that you purchased years ago? They are often stored in the registry and that is where LicenseCrawler will look them up for you.

License Crawler 2.1


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  • LicenseCrawler only finds the licenses stored in the registry

Most users do backup their most important files, but forget to back up the various license keys installed on their system. That means that on the day they want to restore their system and all software, they have to spend hours searching for old emails or packaging. LicenseCrawler saves you a lot of this trouble.


LicenseCrawler is a portable Windows application that you can run from a USB stick. The tool is free for non-commercial purposes. After installation you can set the program to Dutch. When the program is opened, you will get a brief advertisement for another tool, but you can easily click it away.

Then just click the button To search so that the tool scans the registry for serial numbers and licenses. To scan a network computer, first select the computer name from the drop-down list. After a few minutes you will get a list of all serial numbers that this tool has found on the computer.


You can save the result as a text file via the menu Save file. Or if you still want to protect all that valuable information, let the program encrypt the text with File / Save Encrypted. In that case you have to enter a password and only with that code can someone make the text file readable. LicenseCrawler even has a batch function that you can use to scan different computers that are networked one by one.


It probably takes less than ten minutes to compile a list of all the serial numbers that the register contains. Encrypt the file and store it in the cloud, or print it, so you can always restore these licenses when needed.

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