Helpdesk: Remove shortcuts

Question from a reader: How can I remove shortcuts from the Windows7 menu of programs that have long since been removed?

Our answer: A shortcut is a reference to a program or file on your computer. If you delete the actual file (or program) and then click the shortcut, Windows will suggest looking for the missing file. You can also choose to remove the shortcut from your system. You can also delete manually. Open All Programs from your start menu and right click on the shortcut or folder you want to delete. Choose the option Remove or Remove from this list . Note: this will only remove the shortcut and not the program! You can remove programs via Control Panel / Programs. You can also use specialized software such as Revo Uninstaller for this. Revo Uninstaller looks for remnants left behind by the uninstalled program, such as files, shortcuts, and registry changes.

Remove empty shortcuts from programs that no longer exist simply with the right mouse button.

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