How to take screenshots in Firefox

The most recent version of browser Firefox - version 57, also known as Quantum - has useful extras. Like taking screenshots for example. This is how you take screenshots in Firefox.

At first glance, it seems a bit crazy to take screenshots with a browser. However, it can be very useful in some cases. Suppose, for example, that a page does not want to print properly (cleanly), that sometimes happens. If you take a screenshot, then you at least have something that looks neater. An additional advantage of taking the screenshot with the new Firefox is that you can automatically scroll down if desired. This captures the entire page. To take a screenshot with Firefox, first click on the button with the three dots (...) at the far right of the address bar. In the opened menu click on Take a screenshot. You can now click on elements - for example an image or paragraph. Or you click the button Save full page in the panel that appeared at the top right of the screen. In that case, the mentioned 'autoscroll' option becomes active and you see a preview of the captured screenshot.

Store locally or in the cloud

The created image can be stored locally or in the cloud. To save a screenshot locally, click the 'download' arrow at the top of the preview (to the right of the cross). The image then moves to the default Downloads folder. You can open this in Firefox by clicking the download icon (again a downward-facing arrow) in the toolbar at the top right. You will first see the screenshot you just made, followed by an icon in the form of a folder. Click on this and the Explorer will open in the download folder containing (at least) the screenshot you just made. You can also save a screenshot online. To do this, click the blue Save button in the preview window. The captured screenshot will be stored online for free for 14 days. Easy if you want to share a screenshot with others. Keep in mind that anyone who guesses the correct URL can theoretically view the image. It therefore seems unwise to us to upload screenshots with privacy-sensitive information. Although the chance may not be very high that the exact correct web address will be guessed, you never know.


If you regularly save screenshots online, the option Take a screenshot (as just explained accessible via the button ... to the right of the address bar) to another trick. In the 'screenshot mode' click on My pictures. Found in the floating toolbar at the top right. You will now see all screenshots taken (and not yet expired) saved in the cloud. One final note: you can only take screenshots of open pages (or parts thereof) with this tool. So it is not a generic utility for taking common screenshots in Windows.

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