Calling with Skype

You have undoubtedly heard of Skype. The popular (video) calling service on your PC, based on Voice over IP (VoIP), is so on the rise that Microsoft has taken over the service. You can use Skype not only on your PC, but also on a tablet or smartphone. In this workshop we explain how to get started with Skype. This way you can call (video) for free, or very cheaply to fixed or mobile numbers!

1. Create account

To use Skype, you must first create a free account. Surf to Skype and click the button Register. You will arrive at the registration page, where you must provide some personal information. Pay close attention to which information is mandatory and which is not. For example, you will be asked for your mobile number, but you are not required to fill in this field. Finally, you must enter an anti-spam code so that Skype knows that you are not a spam robot. click on I agree - Get on.

2. Download and Install

You can now download Skype, but first you will be asked if you want to add credit to your account. That's useful, but we'll skip it for now, we'll come back to it in step 10. click on Not now, thanks and then Get on. Your account is now ready, and by clicking on the top Download Skype and then on Get Skype for Windows, you will be taken to the download page. click on Download Skype under the heading Free Skype and the program is downloaded. Go through the simple installation.

3. Set image

After installation you can log in immediately with your username and password. At the bottom of the login window you can indicate whether Skype should start automatically when Windows starts and whether you want to be logged in. Enter your login details (from step 1) and click To register. Once you are logged in, a welcome window will appear and you will have the option to set an image. If you have a webcam, it will turn on automatically and click To take a picture to take a photo. Otherwise click Choose File to select an image.


We can imagine that you are attached to the old familiar telephone on your desk, and that you do not want to make calls via your PC. Then it is good to know that Skype is a protocol and not just software. In other words: there are telephones available that you can connect to your existing telephone line, which also have Skype functionality (via WiFi). This way you can make and receive calls from the desk phone via your Skype account.

4. Add users

You now have an account, but no contacts yet. You can add contacts in two ways. In the welcome window you will see the option Find friends on Skype. If you click on this, you can import contacts from Facebook, Hotmail, Gmail and many other networks. You immediately have a large list of other Skype users. To add an individual user, click in the left pane Add contact to search for contacts by their name, account name, email address, or phone number.

5. Start Skype call

Calling is now very easy. In the contact overview you will see different icons. It is important to know that the green icon of a telephone represents a fixed or mobile line. If you want to call this you have to pay, see step 9. Calling another Skype account is free, and is indicated by a green icon without a phone. Click on a contact to see a detailed view. Then you can click on video call to start a video call or To call to start a 'normal' conversation.

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