7 ways to send large files for free

Sending files can be done in countless different ways. One of the easiest, of course, is to simply put an attachment in an email. The problem is that there is often a limit of up to 100 MB. Fortunately, there are many convenient ways to send larger files.

Not too long ago, those email attachment limits weren't much of an issue. Files were barely larger than a few MB and movies and series were simply on DVD, instead of on your hard drive. But sending an HD movie from your PC to another PC will not work with a standard e-mail account. Here we show you how to do that. Also read: 11 tips for central cloud management.


It is no coincidence that we start with WeTransfer. The website has been around for a long time and has hardly needed any updates over time. It works quickly, easily and also completely free. You don't even need an account to use WeTransfer, just a working email address is enough.

Go to wetransfer.com and first accept the terms and conditions and cookie policy (after you've read them, of course). click on Add files and find the file to be sent (maximum 2GB) on your computer. By the Controlkey (or Command on Macs) while selecting, you can upload multiple files at once. Enter the e-mail address of the recipient, enter your own e-mail address to receive a confirmation and, if necessary, write a text to the recipient. Then press transfer and the file is sent. The recipient will receive a link in their mailbox that leads to the file so that they can pick it up from WeTransfer's servers. Files normally remain on the server for a week.


Max. send free version: 2GB

Max. send paid version: 10 GB

Price paid version: €10 per month

Features paid version: Password protection, 50GB long-term storage, own url *.wetransfer.com.

Website: WeTransfer.com


Ge.tt works about the same as WeTransfer, only there are some nuances. At Ge.tt, for example, you do need an account to send files (luckily not to receive). Uploading and sending files is therefore a bit more cumbersome, but you certainly don't spend a lot of time on it.

click on Create Account on the Ge.tt website and fill in your details, or quickly log in with Facebook or Twitter. Once you are logged in, you can start uploading files by clicking Add files to click. You can then enter the recipient's email address in the middle of the screen and attach a text message. The recipient receives a link in his mailbox, with which he can view the file. You can download the file via the button To download to the left. Conveniently, as a sender, you receive Facebook-like notifications when a file has been downloaded by the recipient.


Max. send free version: 2GB

Max. send paid version: No limit

Price paid version: Up to $9.99 per month

Features paid version: 1000GB storage space, no bandwidth limit, responsive image scaling

Website: Ge.tt


Dropbox is much more than just a file transfer platform, but it is often forgotten that it is one of its capabilities. The basic version of Dropbox gives you 2GB of storage. It's a handy website that has apps for Windows, Android, iOS and OS X, so you can always access your files on any platform.

Create a free account at dropbox.com by clicking Register click and fill in your details. After that you can choose to download Dropbox as a program, but you can also continue to use the web version. Upload a file by clicking the icon of a sheet of paper with a plus sign clicking in it. Once the file has been uploaded, you'll see it in the appropriate folder. By hovering your mouse over the file and clicking Share clicking, you can share the file. You can choose to enter the recipient's email address via Dropbox, or manually copy the link and send it via Facebook, for example. The recipient just needs to click on the link to view or download the file.

Many cloud services, for example iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive and Box, offer similar services, which work in much the same way. If you already use any of those services, they are great replacements for Dropbox.


Max. send free version: 2GB

Max. send paid version: 1000 GB

Price paid version: €9.99 per month

Features paid version: 1000GB storage, password protection, set expiration date, manage shared folder permissions

Website: Dropbox.com

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