New on Videoland: best series and films of November

Fans of Dutch-language series and films will benefit greatly from Videoland. After a free trial of two weeks you can take out a subscription from € 4.99 per month. Which fresh films and series can you expect in November. This is new on Videoland.

MARSOF: Special Forces of the Netherlands

This new documentary provides a unique insight into the so-called Maritime Special Operation Forces team. The special units are used, among other things, for anti-terrorist operations in the Netherlands and secret operations in other parts of the world. The team is available 24 hours a day. This five-part documentary contains interviews with (unrecognizable) marines and original action footage. Take a look over the shoulders of the special forces during a dangerous reconnaissance patrol in Afghanistan. The attacks against Somali pirates are also discussed. MARSOF: Special Forces of the Netherlands can be seen from November 2.

Liar (season 2)

In October, Videoland already put season 1 of the thriller series Liar online, but from November 3, season 2 can also be seen on the Dutch streaming service. Relations between teacher Laura Neilson and surgeon Andrew Earlham were quite tense in the first season, but in the new episodes the storyline takes an unexpected turn. Andrew is found dead in a swamp after going missing for weeks. He appears to have been murdered. Because of real motives, Laura soon comes into the picture with the police, although Andrew has made many more enemies. Will the truth behind the murder surface?

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Criminal Minds (seasons 1 to 14)

Criminal Minds is without a doubt one of the most popular crime series ever in the United States and the investigations led by chief agent Aaron Hotchner can also count on a loyal following in various other countries. The series was previously shown at Veronica. Criminal Minds chronicles the adventures of an FBI team trying to solve the most bizarre murders. The perpetrators are almost all disturbed and the so-called Behavioral Analysis Unit is committed to putting the twisted (serial) killers behind bars. The fourteen(!) seasons can be admired from 2 November. Until recently, the fifteenth (and last) season was shown on NET5.

Utopia Falls (season 1)

The first season of the new series Utopia Falls will soon be released on Videoland. The story takes place hundreds of years in the future. More precisely, in the city of New Babyl, where after a bloody war the last living colony in the world lives together in a dome. As soon as 24 young candidates enter a musical competition, Aliyah sees her chance. As the daughter of a city administrator, she has access to a special archive. As a result, she gets to know 'old' music styles such as hip-hop, which will change her musical life and that of her friends forever. The ten episodes will be available from November 16.

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Doc Martin (season 3)

Doc Martin focuses on the life of the doctor Martin Ellingham. This is a former surgeon who is forced to make a career switch due to a sudden blood phobia. As a general practitioner in the small fishing village of Portwenn, Martin finds it difficult to ground. The GP practice appears to be poorly organized and the villagers need time to get used to their new fellow villager. That leads to quite a few uncomfortable situations. Season 3 can be seen from November 16. Incidentally, there is also a Dutch version of the series under the name Dokter Tinus.

Movie classics

Lovers of the better film work will not be bored during the darkest months of the year. For example, all Bourne films and The Hobbit trilogy appear on Videoland. In addition, subscribers can also admire household names such as Love Actually, The Holiday, Startrek, 8 Mile, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life, Saving Private Ryan and Platoon.

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