Eufy EufyCam - Wireless video surveillance system with large battery capacity

Video surveillance is high on the agenda for many people, but they are often hesitant to install meters of cable. The pricey EufyCam comes in handy in that case. This weatherproof security camera contains a battery that, according to the manufacturer, lasts up to a year. Computer!Totaal took a look at this promising video surveillance system.

Eufy EufyCam

Price € 399,- (duo pack)

Camera sensor Sony Exmor IMX323

Resolution 1920 × 1080

Diagonal viewing angle 140 degrees

Video format H.264

Capacity micro SD card reader 128 GB

Battery capacity camera 13400mAh

IP certificate IP67


8 Score 80

  • Pros
  • Easy in use
  • Excellent image quality
  • Ample battery capacity
  • No extra (subscription) costs
  • Negatives
  • Duration
  • English app
  • Time-consuming configuration

Eufy comes from the stable of Anker Innovations. The Chinese brand is known for its power banks, charging cables and smart lighting systems, among other things, but the company also produces interesting surveillance cameras. We received a Eufycam starter pack from the editors containing a base station and two wireless cameras.

Theft-sensitive mounting

Unlike many contemporary IP cameras, Eufy includes a base station. After you connect this network device to a router or switch, the base station generates its own wireless signal. It is nice that this so-called HomeBase contains a back-up battery. In the unlikely event of a power failure, the monitoring system remains active. Eufy supplies two accessories for mounting the surveillance cameras. You can choose between a magnetic ball construction and a flexible wall mount with screw thread. Unfortunately, a theft-proof mounting is not possible, so pay close attention to where you hang the camera when using it outdoors. With the help of clear steps in the English-language Eufy Security app, we can easily get things up and running. Reserve enough time for the configuration. For example, a minute-long software update was available during our test.

Save images

The HomeBase has a decent range, so it's best to position the cameras a little further away. For optimal battery life, the EufyCam makes 20-second videos after motion detection. In the settings you can adjust the clip length if desired. This surveillance system stores video images on an included 16 GB micro SD card. This memory card is located in the base station. Alternatively, you can also write the files to a NAS. Where manufacturers such as Ring and Nest offer paid cloud subscriptions, Eufy only opts for local storage. The Sony camera sensor delivers sharp images with bright colors. People are easily recognizable on this. Because of the wide-angle lens with a range of 140 degrees, the images appear somewhat spherical. If desired, you can activate a siren, two-way audio and manual recordings from the clear app.


Are you looking for a user-friendly video surveillance system without having to deal with additional costs? Then the EufyCam is an excellent choice. Although the starter package is pricey, you do get two cameras with an excellent battery life, large viewing angle and weatherproof housing in return. Disadvantages are the theft-sensitive wall construction (the siren is adjustable) and English language within the app.

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