Internet Download Manager 5.19

Download accelerators have been of great added value for a short time in the era when people downloaded files from the Internet with their dial-up connection. Today, the need for this kind of software has faded. Despite this, a download accelerator can still provide benefits.

When you have a fast Internet connection, you need little patience when downloading small files. A download manager can even be counterproductive in such a case, since a small file is downloaded faster than included in a download manager. Fortunately, in the Internet Download Manager program a lot can be set to spare your irritation muscle, for example which file types should be ignored, which sites downloads should not be taken over by the manager, scheduling downloads and prioritizing the downloads in the queue. . Even for those who still use an old-fashioned dial-up connection (do they still exist at all?) there are dial-up options to adapt.

Internet Download Manager cuts a file into small portions while downloading.

An advantage over downloading via the browser is that Internet Download Manager also handles account management. You can enter your login name and password for a download site, so that you can continue the download after a restart. There are also disadvantages compared to browsers. For example, it is a lot nicer if the software can nestle in the browser, for example as a plug-in (such as Down Them All for Firefox). Now this download manager is just a bit off the mark and easily overlooked. Also, the browser Google Chrome gets confused after the installation. For example, when visiting an article from, the browser suddenly plans to put the 'Like' button in the downloads. Visiting Twitter becomes completely strange, instead of visiting the site, the browser queued the extension-less file 'download'. After we turned off the collaboration with Chrome in the manager, the problem suddenly no longer occurred. Fortunately, we have not encountered this shortcoming in other browsers.

Higher gear

The main task of the Internet Download Manager (namely speeding up a download) does the program properly. The technology behind the higher gear cuts the file to be downloaded into several pieces that are downloaded separately. During a test, where we downloaded a 700 MB file, the Internet Download Manager took only six minutes at a steady rate of around 2 MB per second. When we downloaded the same file from the browser we needed more time, the speed hovered around 1.7 MB per second and the file was received within eight minutes. Not very big differences, but for avid downloaders or frustrated downloaders with slow connections it can make a difference.

In conclusion, it can be said that the Internet Download Manager will appeal to a small group of internet users. Most of the downloaders will not get a lot of benefit, which does not remove the inconvenience of the program next to the browser.

Internet Download Manager 5.19

Price $24.95 (approx. €18.50)

Language Dutch

Download 3.05MB

Trial version 30 days

OS Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

System requirements Unknown

maker Tonec Inc.

Judgment 6/10


Download faster

Lots of options and settings


Not integrated in browser

Collaboration with Chrome shows many bugs


None of the approximately 40 virus scanners saw anything suspicious in the installation file. To the best of our knowledge at the time of publication, the installation file is safe to download. See the full detection report for more details. If a new version of the software is now available, you can always rescan the file yourself via

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