The 5 best quiz apps for Android and iOS

It is always nice when you come to a party with the necessary knowledge and can start conversations. Problems with your Android device? Let me have a look, I fixed that. The same goes for general knowledge; to know is to measure. That is why we have listed the best quiz apps for you.

The smartest person

Most are probably familiar with the NCRV's De Slimste Mens programme. In this, well-known Dutch people compete for the title of 'smartest person' and are asked questions in various game formats that they must answer as well as possible. This is no different in the official app.

You will be presented with the same categories, each time with different questions, with which you can 'score' time. Good answers save time. In this app you compete directly against each other in the field of general knowledge, to eventually be able to call yourself 'the smartest'. Whoever runs out of time first loses. Good luck.

Crown yourself as the smartest person in the Netherlands.

Price: For free

To download: Android and iOS

Genius Quiz World War 2

The second World War; we are all familiar with D-day and Anne Frank, as well as who was the number one nemesis at the time. But how much do we really know about this horrific period? You can test that knowledge yourself with the Genius World War 2 app. You will be asked questions about different missions, state leaders, battles and so on. If you know a lot about the Second World War, the app is a very nice tool to test your knowledge of it.

If you are not well aware of what has happened, you can learn a lot through this app. The quiz has many questions about the entire width of the war and is one of the better quiz apps available in the Play Store and App Store, partly because you are rewarded in medals based on your knowledge skills.

You will receive an explanation for every answer, right or wrong.

Price: For free

To download: Android and iOS

Music Quiz

What's that song called again? It's the question I asked myself the most while playing the Music Quiz. In this you get to hear well-known tracks from artists and it is up to you to guess which song or artist it is. And in many cases the music sounds familiar to you, but it is sometimes difficult to fill in the correct answer.

It is therefore fun to play this app with several people, so that you can complement each other. As you get further in the app, it becomes many times more difficult. The question now is how much you know about music history, it promises to be a challenge.

Puzzles with letters can be the solution.

Price: For free

To download: Android and iOS


Australia's capital isn't Sydney or Melbourne, it's Canberra! I got stuck in this question myself once, it won't happen to me again. The Capitals app for Android challenges the player to test his knowledge of geography, with the capitals of two hundred countries in particular. Test your own knowledge of the capitals, it's fun!

The app also has its own learning function, in which you do not experience time pressure and can think quietly. Got an answer wrong? You will then be corrected and that way you can learn the capitals in a fun way.

The capital of Greece is one of the easiest tasks.

Price: For free

To download: android

Science in Pictures Quiz Battle

A fun quiz to play against others is Science in Picture Quiz Battle. Here you play against another player on a kind of Scrabble board, in which there are squares that yield more points. You decide which type of questions you get, because you get categories in your own list and you can choose which of them you want to play.

You answer five questions to score points - just like your opponent - and work your way around the board to reach the end space. It is a fun, educational app from which you can learn a lot in the field of knowledge.

Sometimes questions in your favorite category are also disappointing.

Price: For free

To download: Android and iOS

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