Ziggo Wifi Assistant app: Map your wireless network

If you use WiFi at home, from Ziggo or from another supplier, you are undoubtedly dealing with dead zones in the house. These are places where the WiFi connection is slower, for whatever reason. This can be caused by walls, but also by the distance between the modem or router and the device using the internet. With the Ziggo Wifi Assistant app you can now check which points in the house have dead zones. We explain to you how it works.

After you have given permission for specific, personal data to be given away, you can get started with the Ziggo Wifi Assistant app (also available for iOS). When opening the app you will see a large button at the bottom with Start measurement. The digital WiFi assistant Chris then starts talking to you, after which the app asks for permission to your location. Then follow the steps on the screen. Chris assures us that the collected data will remain on your device and will not be sent.

Also not unimportant: the Ziggo Wifi Assistant needs the latest version of ARCore on Android. If you don't have that update, you can download it right away from the app.

Getting started with Ziggo Wifi Assistant

Now we can start. Chris tells you exactly what to do. First you have to walk to your modem. Is it behind a closed door? Fine, then you have to keep that door closed for a realistic measurement. After a few seconds you will see the result. You can see the results later in the overview.

By means of augmented reality effects, a point is made in your house where the measurement takes place. The app does this every time you take a measurement, so that afterwards you can see exactly where a measurement has taken place and how the internet is doing. On the map that appears on the screen, you immediately see your internet speed and whether it is fast or not. Are you done with the measurements? Then press Finished and indicate that you do not want to measure anything further in the house.

Now we come to the 3D Map. Here you can see all measured points in the house. The dots on the screen represent those points. And by tapping those dots, you get an overview of the measurements per point. Unfortunately, with us it is the case that not all points are in the correct place, but that does not detract from the impression you get of your internet speed at home.

At the bottom you will also see the option Resume where you get an overview of the scores in your house. Perhaps more important is the section for Tips & Help, where WiFi expert Chris can help you improve your home WiFi connection. For example, Chris recommends installing extra WiFi points in the house (such as mesh routers) or reducing the distance between the modem and the device, where possible. In addition, you can contact Ziggo customer service and the employees can see which measurements you have taken, so that they can help you quickly.

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