Here's how to do it: Disable WiFi Sense in Windows 10

WiFi Sense is a new tool that automatically logs you in to open WiFi networks and private networks where your contacts are logged in. This way you never have to manually log in to a network again when you visit an acquaintance. But what if you'd rather not use it?

WiFi Sense was already introduced in Windows Phone 8.1, but now the feature is also available in Windows 10. If you log in to a new network with a device running Windows 10, you can choose to have this access with contacts, Skype contacts or Facebook friends. WiFi Sense is enabled by default. Also read: 13 tips to solve the most common network problems.

But you might not like the idea if your device just connects to a new WiFi network without you noticing.

Go to the start menu and choose Institutions. In the window that appears, click Network and Internet and choose in the left panel Wi-Fi > Manage Wi-Fi Settings. In this window, you need to disable all options and delete the Wi-Fi networks you have logged in to before.

WiFi Sense is very useful for people who want to connect, but not everyone is happy that his or her WiFi network can be shared with others.

Auto power off

It is possible to prevent a connection to your network via WiFi Sense, but you will not see an option for this in the settings menu of Windows. Instead, in the router's settings, you'll need to rename your network that's on _opt out ends. Networks with a name that ends with this are not saved by WiFi Sense, which means that from now on no one can connect to your network via WiFi Sense.

If you do not change the name of your network (so that the name is not _opt out ends), you can only keep your network out of Microsoft's WiFi Sense database by manually entering your network's password on your acquaintance's devices and making sure it checks all the boxes below Networks I select I want to share with is not checked. So it seems a lot more convenient and safer to just change the name of your network.

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