40 super tips for Windows 10

Windows 10 seems to be a familiar environment with parts from Windows 7 and 8. But a lot has changed and our editorial inbox shows that the update did not go smoothly for everyone. Time to dive into the operating system yourself with these 40 tips!

Local account

Due to privacy concerns, we are using Windows 10 without a Microsoft account in this article. Many Microsoft services can still be used via a detour, so you don't have to miss anything. Only access to the application store is not possible, but that is not an obstacle for the use of Windows 10 for the time being.

1. Key Combinations

With Windows 10, many new features have been built in, all of which also have their own keyboard combinations:

Windows Key+Tab (Task View)

Windows Key+Right Arrow+Up Arrow (Moves window to top right corner)

Windows Key+Up Arrow or Down Arrow (Moves window up or down)

Windows key+Ctrl+Left Arrow or Right Arrow (switch between desktops)

Windows key+Ctrl+D (new desktop)

Windows key+Ctrl+F4 (close desktop)

Windows key+Ctrl+C (Cortana)

Windows key+S (search)

2. Back to old Windows

Of course it can happen that something goes wrong with the upgrade. We've had many complaints about critical Windows 10 components failing to install, but software and drivers often fail as well. And of course it could also be that you don't like Windows 10 at all. Fortunately, Microsoft offers the option to roll back the upgrade so you can go back to your trusted Windows 7 or 8.1. Press the start button and choose Institutions. Bee Update and Security choose in the left menu System recovery and under the heading Go back to a previous version click on To work. This option will remain available for a month after upgrading. Optionally, you can later make another attempt to upgrade to Windows 10, this will remain free until July 2016.

3. Remove Previous Windows Installation

The old version of Windows 7 or 8.1 will remain on your system for a month to provide the option to go back. But this does take up a lot of disk space. If you don't plan to return, you can free up disk space by uninstalling the old version. You do this by clicking Start pressing and disk cleanup to type and open. In the window that appears, click Clean up system files, optionally enter the password. In the list you then check Previous Windows installation(s) and Temporary Windows installation files on and press OK. In our case, that cleared up about 15 GB of disk space.

4. Cards

Fortunately, in Windows 10 you can play old-fashioned card games again. From the start menu, open Microsoft Solitaire Collection and optionally ignore all the hassle of signing in with a Microsoft account. This link is used to save and share your playing data online. Then you have familiar card games back, such as FreeCell, Spider Solitaire and more. Lots of fun!

5. Wait to buy

In stores, the staff has been heavily drilled into touting the free upgrade on newly purchased PCs and laptops. Some stores even have 'check-in' points to upgrade your brand new system. However, the upgrade does not work flawlessly on every system. It is therefore wise to wait a while before purchasing a new system until it comes standard with Windows 10. This can take a few weeks or months.

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