Get rid of hibernation in the Windows 10 start menu

By default, in the Windows 10 start menu, under Power, you will also find an option Sleep mode next to the shutdown option. It's not really handy there, and what's more, the Windows Sleep mode is not known as very reliable. Get rid of the Windows 10 Sleep mode.

The scenario may sound familiar to you. At the end of your work, you want to shut down your Windows 10 PC. Click the power button in the start menu, then click Turn of. However: you were just a little too rushed or your hand shifted a bit. And so you clicked unnoticed Sleep mode. This is particularly annoying if you do not realize this and then remove the mains voltage from a desktop PC via, for example, the switch on the power strip. Because the working memory is now no longer under voltage, the sleep mode data disappears.

Which below the line means that your system has been shut down incorrectly resulting in possible data loss. And that in turn can lead to problems with Windows 10 itself (and in any case most likely to a message that Windows did not shut down properly). On laptops, the sleep mode does not always work properly, especially if you use it for a long time without realizing it. In short: we actually prefer not to see that whole sleep mode option in the start menu. Fortunately, removal is possible!

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Windows 10

On the Windows 10 Start menu, click Institutions and in the window that opens click System. Click in the left column on Power management and sleep mode. In the panel on the right, click Additional power settings. Click - in yet another window - in the column on the left Determining the behavior of the power buttons. On the right side under the heading you will see various light gray colored and inactive options, we need one of them. To activate them, click on the link Change settings that are currently unavailable (who said Windows 10 is logical...?). Then check the box for the option Sleep mode from. Then click on the button Saving Changes and close the back window. From now on, your start menu will no longer be marred by the Hibernate option. In any case, it saves on misclicks with potentially unpleasant consequences.

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