Edge Chromium: The 10 Best Features

Windows 10 has had a new browser for a few weeks now. The browser is called Edge Chromium because it runs on the same engine (base) as Google Chrome. We've been testing the browser for a while now and have listed the ten best Edge Chromium features.

1. User interface

A product can be beautiful or good, but if the user interface is jerky, what good is it? Fortunately, Microsoft has put a lot of thought into this. Basically, Edge Chromium resembles the old Edge browser, but a lot more stylish, simpler and more elegant. If you're used to Google Chrome, you may come across design elements that you recognize from it (it can hardly be otherwise because both browsers have the same basis). The best change is that the settings page now actually has a page and is no longer a menu that hovers over another menu.

2. Profiles

It is now possible to create profiles within the browser, so that user data is mixed up. There you can easily use one browser on one profile on your computer, so that each user needs a separate PC environment. You can add a profile via the settings.

3. Avoid being tracked

Microsoft has taken extra measures against being tracked online. When you visit a website, you are monitored by various trackers, such as cookies. That info is used for targeted advertisements. The option is enabled by default in Edge Chromium and via the privacy settings you determine which trackers are and are not active.

4. Google Chrome Extensions

We've mentioned it a few times, but Chrome and Edge Chromium now share the same basics. In this case, that also results in the fact that you can use extensions from Google Chrome in this browser (even though Google doesn't recommend that). You will then need to download them from the Chrome Web Store.

5. Support for Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are websites that function like apps when you use them on Windows 10. The advantage of these sites is that they can do several things, such as sending notifications, offline availability and automatic updates.

6. Immersive Reader

In the Edge browser, you had a mode that allowed you to read articles quietly. That mode is also in Edge Chromium. The browser then removes all kinds of visual elements, such as images and advertisements, so that you can fully focus on the text. A warm background color also appears, making reading a lot more pleasant.

7. PDF Reader

Of course, you can again use the Edge Chromium browser as a program that reads PDF files. When you open such a file for the first time and you have not yet set a default program, you will be asked whether you want to do this via the Edge browser from now on. But you can also open the file in Edge via the right mouse button. The great thing about this option is that there is support for Inking: a function that allows you to annotate a file yourself.

8. Dark Mode

We wouldn't be tech journalists if we weren't happy with dark mode. Not only is this mode good for the battery (although that only applies to amoled screens), it is also nice for the eyes. Especially in the evening.

9. Create Collections

Within the browser you can also easily and quickly create collections of images, text, videos and anything you want to store. The function is still being worked on in the meantime, but you can use this to save everything you come across while serving (or working!).

10. Better Browsing Experience

Compared to the old Edge browser, Edge Chronium does offer a better browsing experience. The program is faster, more beautiful and can do much more than its predecessor. Whether Google Chrome users will suddenly all switch, remains to be seen. Especially people who are dependent on Microsoft programs, often for their work, benefit from the new software.

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