This is how you make your mouse more visible

You know it: you're working on your PC, and for some reason you can't find your mouse pointer anymore. You move your mouse back and forth like crazy, but the pointer seems to have completely disappeared. Until he suddenly catches the eye and you don't understand at all why you didn't see him. Fortunately, there are solutions for that.

Dark desktop background

First of all, your mouse pointer never actually disappeared. You simply often do not see the mouse pointer because it is not noticeable and becomes almost invisible among all the visual violence on your screen. An easy way to fix that is to opt for a dark or even black desktop background. A nice flashy background image is a lot of fun, but if you find that you often can't find your mouse pointer, it's not worth it. You can change your desktop background by right-clicking on an empty space on the desktop and choosing Customize to personal preference. Choose at Background in front of Solid color and select a dark color such as black or gray. Your mouse pointer will now be much more conspicuous.

mouse shadow

A second possibility is to enable the shadow under the mouse pointer. Funnily enough, this has little effect on a dark desktop background, but it can create just a little extra visibility on a busier background. click on Home / Settings. Then click Devices and then on Mouse and then Additional mouse options. In the tab Pointers put a check in pointer shadowswitch. click on To apply to see its effect immediately.

Using laser pointer

In the same window you will see a tab called Pointer options. When you click on this, there are still a few different options to set, including changing the speed at which the mouse pointer moves or enabling a pointer trail (we don't recommend that, way too busy). The option is interesting Location of (…) CTRL press. This will cause a circle around the pointer when you press Control, most likely finding it immediately.

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