Download YouTube videos to your iPad

I'll soon be on a plane for quite a few hours and then I finally have time to do something for myself. I want to watch YouTube videos but don't have internet on the plane. Can I also download them in advance?

The official answer to this question is: no (don't give up yet, the unofficial answer you'll like better comes next). This is because Google (the owner of YouTube) does not allow downloading of videos (that you have not uploaded yourself). As a result, there are no apps available in the App Store that allow you to save videos directly from the app to your iPad. However, there is an app that makes it possible in a somewhat more cumbersome way. Even though it is not allowed, Google does not seem to take any steps against it for the time being, as long as you do not upload the downloaded content yourself under your own account. Also read: How to download videos from YouTube.

Install Video Downloader

As mentioned, there is (currently) no app that offers you a simple interface with a button to download videos from YouTube. However, Video Downloader is an app that has found a smart way to download videos by watching them. To do this, you must first install the app. The app comes in two versions, a Lite version (Video Downloader Lite Super - VDownload) and a paid version (Video Downloader Super Premium++ - VDownload), the main difference being that the free version allows you to download up to three videos at once. download and you suffer from rather annoying advertising in between. The free app is fully functional, though, so it's great to try it out (or just use it forever if you're not in a rush).

Video Downloader Lite Super - VDownload ***

Price: For free

Size: 18.9MB

Video Downloader Super Premium++ - VDownload *****

Price: € 3,99

Size: 16MB

When you have installed the app and you start it, you will see a browser like Safari, but with a number of extra tabs at the bottom. To download a video, navigate to // (that 'm' is important because it must be the mobile site) and then find the video you want to download. So you would expect there to be a download button, but you have to actually tap the video and start watching. Once you do this, the option To download in the picture, after which you can name the video and you can indicate in which folder (within the app) you want to save the video. Then the video will be downloaded for you (you don't have to watch the video) and in the tab Files posted as soon as it is ready. A bit cumbersome, but it's possible.

Sync via iTunes

If you find downloading via the Video Downloader app a lot of hassle, then it is of course also an option to download the videos on your PC or laptop (if you have one, of course) and then synchronize using iTunes. Downloading videos from YouTube is then very easy to do by surfing on your PC or laptop in your browser to (that last slash is important) and then pasting the URLs of the videos you want to download. Choose a resolution (1080p is best on an iPad with Retina display, but also takes up more space) and then save the file as MP4. Once you've downloaded the videos of your choice, import them into iTunes (you can drag them into iTunes, or in iTunes, click the menu icon at the top left, then click File to library add. Connect your iPad to your computer, navigate to the tablet in iTunes, then the tab Movie. Place a checkmark Sync Movies, check the videos you want on your iPad, click To apply and Sync. The videos you downloaded will now be placed on your iPad.

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