How to find a forgotten password in Chrome

Nowadays, many websites ask you to log in, but you can't possibly remember all the passwords. Especially if you use a lot of unique passwords, which is recommended after all. Fortunately, your Chrome browser can already store many passwords. That is how it works.

Google's browser Chrome has a hidden function that you can use if you do not remember your password. Click on the three horizontal bars in the top right corner and click Institutions, or type chrome://settings in the address bar and press enter. click on Passwords. Find the relevant website and click on the unrecognized password. Also read: Easily remember all your passwords.

if you're on Show password (indicated by an eye icon), Chrome will prompt you to enter your operating system account password, if you have set it up. Enter the master password and Chrome will show you the password you were looking for.

The latter can be a problem when, for whatever reason, you are not at your own computer and still want to retrieve a password. But there is a gadget that can help with that. Open a new tab with Ctrl+T, type chrome://flags in the address bar and press enter. Scroll down or use the search function (Ctrl+F) to Google Password Manager UIto find.

click on Switch or enabledand click at the bottom of the screen Restart now or Relaunch. Chrome will restart and reopen your open windows and tabs. Go back to the Settings page and open the password manager again. Click on To display will now show the password without needing your operating system password.

Please note: these so-called 'flags' are always under development and Google can disable or change the flag without prior warning.

Within the menu Passwordsyou can also click Check passwords. Chrome will then check whether your passwords may have been hacked. If you want to change passwords, you can click on View and manage saved passwords in your Google account. You can then change the password for each website.

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