More space in Dropbox for free

Dropbox is one of the most useful cloud services, and you can do a lot with the free 2 GB storage space. However, if you actively start working with it, you will quickly notice that you need more space. Then you can of course take a paid account, but you can also earn more space for free.

Go through tutorial

When you log in to Dropbox for the first time, you'll see a Get started heading. That is actually a kind of tutorial. When you go through this tutorial, you immediately expand your free account by many hundreds of MBs.

The Get started heading immediately gives you extra space.


An easy way to quickly get more space is to have friends join Dropbox. That way you can get a total of up to 16 GB of extra space (500 MB per friend). In theory you can of course also use one of your other e-mail addresses, but you must log in to a computer with the e-mail address for the bonus to apply. Of course this is not entirely the intention, but it is possible.

Invite friends for a total of 16 GB of additional space.

Social media

A handy feature in Dropbox is the ability to link social networks, so you can easily share Dropbox links. That function may be very useful, but linking social networks is also very useful to get free storage space. Sign in to and click Settings / Account settings. If you link your Twitter, you get 125 MB, the same goes for your Facebook. Earned quickly, right?

Just linking your Facebook will give you an extra 125 MB.

Camera upload

Dropbox is an excellent storage medium for photos from your smartphone. The Dropbox mobile apps also have an automatic upload feature for your photos. If you enable this function, you will receive 500 MB with the first upload, and then gradually, up to 3 GB.

Incidentally, you can also occasionally make toppers with your mobile devices. For example, if you connect your Dropbox to a new Samsung Galaxy S4, you will have an additional 50 GB (for a period of 2 years).

Use the camera upload to get a total of 3 GB extra.

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