Time Stopper 2.0

Most shareware programs expire after a certain amount of time. Time Stopper prevents that. First install the program you want and run it.

Pay attention : This article is an old version of this program, but based on user feedback on other websites, the current version (3.x) appears to be full of malware. So don't download. We have removed all links from the text below.

You can use it normally, finally shut it down again. Then install Time Stopper and start this program. There are three things you need to do: browse to the shareware program's executable, choose a date that falls within the trial period, and name the shortcut that will appear on your desktop. From now on you can use the shareware program for as long as you want. You should always use the new shortcut, because with the old one the program will start without modification and it can completely disable itself.

Time Stopper allows you to run shareware programs for longer.

Time Stopper 2.0


Language English

Download 844 KB

OS Windows XP/Vista/7

System requirements Unknown

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