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After a series of top-heavy editions, Symantec changed course a few years ago. The Norton security products had to be lighter and better, and emphatically also protect other devices than just the Windows PC. A few years later, replacing well-known product names such as Antivirus and Internet Security turns out to be easier than really updating security. A look at Norton Security 2018.

Norton Security 2018


From €29.99 per year




Windows 7/8/10, macOS, iOS, Android

Website 6 Score 60

  • Pros
  • Good scores comparative tests
  • Online management
  • Scan for download Android apps
  • Negatives
  • Browser extensions
  • unnecessary apps
  • Backup only in Premium

Norton Security comes in three versions: Standard, Deluxe, and Premium. In addition to protection against malware, viruses and spyware, each version offers a firewall, identity protection, a password manager and a number of system optimization tools. The Premium version also offers parental controls, backup and cloud storage. Security Standard can be installed on one PC or Mac, Deluxe on a maximum of five 'devices', which can also be smartphones and tablets, and Premium on even ten. A clear model that can certainly be made even simpler.


In the case of Standard and Deluxe, the functionality is divided into four tabs: Security, Identity, Performance and More Norton. With Premium, Backup is fifth. While this all works well and Norton products get good results in AV Comparatives and AV Test's comparative antivirus tests, the product isn't our preference. This is because, on the one hand, there is too much fragmentation in versions, online and offline management and, especially in the case of iOS, the real security options are still too limited. For Apple devices, Norton Mobile Security backs up contacts to the cloud and can block or track down a lost iPhone.

For Android, there's Norton Security & Antivirus, with an unnecessary antivirus that checks the reputation of apps before downloading them, blocks malware, protects against unsafe sites, and can re-detect and block a lost Android device. Most of these functions are now also standard in iOS and Android or can be added for free. We are even less pleased with the large number of browser extensions and plug-ins that Norton installs to make browsing more secure. Parental Controls, Norton Safe Search, the password manager, the anti-phishing - they all change the look of the browser, take up space and make browsing a really less pleasant experience.


The innovation that Symantec has so emphatically initiated deserves to be continued. In doing so, the company will have to make real choices for the security of Windows, Mac and mobile devices, without negatively affecting the user experience. Until then, Norton is a great security guard, but there are simply better alternatives.

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