Give the Windows 10 start menu a classic look with Classic Shell

Not everyone is happy with the start menu in Windows 10. Fortunately, you can customize the start menu with the Classic Shell tool. We explain how you do that in this article.

Not everyone likes the ever-changing look and layout of the Windows 10 start menu. In Windows 8, the start menu even disappeared, which caused frustration for many. And in Windows 10, Microsoft has made some very drastic changes that will not be appreciated by everyone. In Windows 10, there are only limited options to customize the start menu. For example, you can adjust or group tiles, while you can also adjust the 'All apps' view. In this article you can read how to do that. By the way, Microsoft is working on a new start menu, which we may expect with the next update of Windows 10.

If you don't want to wait for that, fortunately there is the free program Classic Shell, with which you can adjust the appearance and layout of the start menu. Also read: This is what to do if your Windows 10 start menu stops working.

What is Classic Shell?

Classic Shell is an application that allows you to customize the Windows 10 start menu to your taste. The program does not replace the original Windows 10 start menu: it can still be accessed by the shiftbutton while clicking the start menu.

Classic Shell supports 40 different languages, so if you use Windows 10 in Dutch, you won't suddenly end up with an English start menu if you don't want that.

If you've downloaded and installed Classic Shell, when you click the start menu for the first time, you'll see the program's settings instead of the start menu. If you exit the settings menu without making any changes, the start menu takes on the Windows 7 look.

Right click on the start menu and choose Settings to return to the settings menu. Here you can choose from three different styles. The Classic style is similar to that of Windows 95 and 98. Classic with two columns looks like the Vista start menu. And Windows 7 very similar to the style of the start menu in Windows 7.

You can also choose from two different home buttons, or you can create and add your own home button. There are over 100 settings you can change. For example, the program offers the possibility to display your Favorites and organize the items in the start menu. You can also download skins or make your own, to customize your start menu even more to your taste.

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