M4A to MP3 Converter 6.1

The aac format is especially popular on iPods and iTunes. The rest of the world still uses MP3, but luckily file conversions are easy to do. In iTunes you can right click on an mp3 and choose to create an aac version. Converting from aac to mp3 is easy with M4A to MP3 Converter.

Download this program and install it. During the installation, pay attention to the screen of the Ask toolbar. You don't need that, so remove all the checks. Really do it, otherwise even your homepage and default search engine will be changed. Then start the program and click on Add Files. Then browse to the aac files folder. Unlike mp3, this file extension is not the name of the format. These are m4a files. Load this. At the bottom of the screen you can indicate in which folder the mp3 or wav versions should be placed. Finally, choose the desired output format. Under the Setup button you can optionally adjust the bitrate, but keep in mind that it makes no sense to make it higher than the original. With conversions, quality tends to deteriorate rather than improve. Click on the Convert button to initiate the conversion.

M4A to MP3 Converter creates mp3 files of iTunes/iPod format.

M4A to MP3 Converter 6.1


Language Dutch

Download 4.8MB

OS Windows XP/Vista/7

System requirements Unknown

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