Record a phone call on Android

Sometimes it can be useful to record a telephone conversation. By default, it is not possible within the Android operating system to do this, but there are apps that make it possible to record conversations. Want to record a phone call on Android? In this article, we'll take a closer look at the capabilities of the Call Recording app.

The Call Recorder app for Android is free and records all your calls immediately after installation. Both incoming and outgoing calls. Your interlocutor cannot hear that any further. It is therefore neat if you report it in advance, especially if you want to discuss sensitive information.

Save Phone Calls

By the way, you don't have to worry about your mobile phone's storage filling up with audio recordings. In the main screen you will see two tabs: inbox and Stored. Conversations under Inbox disappear over time to make way for new snippets. The app also shows how many hours of audio files you can still store on your device. If you want to keep them forever, tap them and choose Save. Now the recording moves to the other tab, Saved. And that's where it stays, unless you want to delete it yourself later.

There are more options for saving the conversations. If you are a bit tight in your phone's storage space, you can also link the app to a Dropbox or Google Drive account. Then the files are safely stored in the cloud. Under the hamburger menu at the top left, you choose the option cloud account. By default, the audio clips are only uploaded to the cloud when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

below Settings / Storage / Recording Path it is also wise to opt for your SD card, if present in your device.

Handy about the app is also the option Contact history, which you find when you tap a conversation. You will then see all conversations you have had with the person in question recently. You can also choose to comment on the recordings so that you know later why you saved them. Sharing the audio fragment with other contacts is also an option, but be discreet with it.

Call recording - difference free and Pro

You may notice that there is also a Pro version of the Call Recording app. It costs 5.99 euros. The differences with the free version are not that relevant for most users. For example, as a Pro user you can save 500 or even 1000 messages, where you are stuck with 'only' 300 fragments for free. But that is more than enough in our experience.

The free app also shows advertising at the bottom of the screen, Call Recording Pro does not. As far as we're concerned, that doesn't bother us, because in practice you don't have much access to the app itself.

Finally, one more tip. By default, you will receive a notification after every telephone call that the conversation has been recorded. And that quickly gets annoying. To turn this off, go to Settings / Notifications / After Call and turn off the slider.

Now the Call Recording does its job in the background, without disturbing you further. Ideal.

Tips for iPhone

If you have an iPhone and you also want to be able to record conversations, there are fortunately enough iOS apps available. For example, try TapACall, which allows you to record unlimited conversations. The conversations are then stored in the cloud. The Call Recorder and Call Recording apps offer similar options. Try them out!

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