New Windows Update for Swedish Outlook

Last week Microsoft released an update for Outlook that makes Outlook 2007 Swedish for many users. For some, this will be a great way to brush up on their knowledge of this Scandinavian language. However, for most it will just be really annoying. Microsoft has since resolved the issue. We explain how to roll back the update.

Microsoft has since replaced the update with an update that doesn't mess with Outlook's language settings. It concerns update KB4011110 that you install from the Windows update menu. You come through here from Start to search for Looking for updates, then press the button Looking for updates and install the updates found.

Uninstall the update

First of all, open the list of installed updates. You can find these by searching for the term from the Start menu updates. In Windows 7, the option you're looking for is called View installed updates. In Windows 10 it is called View update history and in the window that opens you have to click on Uninstall updates.

You should now have a list of the installed updates in front of you. Find and select the update with the number KB4011086 and press the button remove which you will find at the top of the list of updates. Also check that the update does not happen to appear twice in the list. If so, uninstall the update twice.

You should now be able to use Outlook 2007 in Dutch again. You may have to restart Outlook (or your computer) for a while.

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