Microsoft Zune

While Microsoft's portable Zune media player is mostly pity, the accompanying Zune software doesn't. This multimedia software is very versatile and a good alternative to Windows Media Player even without the accompanying Microsoft hardware.

Zune is Microsoft's portable media player. This 'iPod killer' has never been a success. The accompanying Zune was initially only intended to synchronize music. Thanks to the arrival of Windows Phone 7 smartphones, the software can be used as a media synchronization tool, but also as a media player.

Media management, but then exciting

Zune organizes all music, photos, videos, and podcasts into a library. The folders included in the collection are selectable. Items in the collection can be easily viewed or played. Zune's interface looks much more exciting than Windows Media Player. Multitasking (eg listening to music while viewing a slideshow of your photos in Zune) is possible. You can also play media in the functional yet compact mini player. Unlike Windows Media Player, Zune supports podcast and vodcast subscriptions, and you can choose the number of episodes of a pod/vodcast to download and save. It is possible to rip music CDs (wma or mp3, different bitrates), burn as audio CD and data CD/DVD. Album covers can be downloaded automatically, as well as song and author information. This data itself can also be edited.

Play music with the Zune software.


Frequently used items such as videos or music, as well as artists, can be added to the Quickplay. This is one of the components of the Zune software next to Collection and Marketplace. It automatically groups the most used or most listened to items and favorites. Quickplay can be set as the start-up screen via the settings. Not necessary, but it is possible to link the Zune software to the Windows Live ID and then edit photos directly from the Zune collection in Windows Live Photo Gallery, for example. Videos can be rented and purchased through the Marketplace. TV series and music are still missing in the Marketplace, it is expected that this will still be available with the arrival of the Dutch version of Windows Phone 7 at the end of October. Settlement of rent or purchase is done with Microsoft Points, also known from Xbox Live. However, for us the Points system is reason to ignore this part of the Zune software further.

Quickplay is reminiscent of the Windows Phone 7 interface.

Microsoft Zune


Language Dutch

Download 120MB

OS Windows XP/Vista/7

System requirements 1 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM

Judgment 8/10


More beautiful and comprehensive than Windows Media Player

Support Pod/Vodcasts

Rip and burn

mini player


Limited offer Marketplace

Checkout Marketplace via Microsoft Points

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