Spelling and Grammar in Word

Nobody is perfect, and a typo in a Word document is easily made. And because not everyone is perfect at language proficiency, Word's spelling and grammar checkers come in handy.

Write a letter, essay, report or article. Some people hate it, others think it's one of the best activities. The first group may find it a less successful activity because of lesser language proficiency or typing skills. And the other group also makes mistakes. In short: at least a good spell checker is indispensable for anyone who writes texts in Word. And to some extent, the grammar corrections that are also available come in handy too. Although it can sometimes go wrong or act crazy. In any case, spell check is turned on by default in Word. Set to the language of your product, usually Dutch. However, it is possible to add more verification languages. Word is then smart enough to recognize the language (or languages) used in a document itself. So if you regularly type English or German texts, for example, you can add them to the language checklist. Click in the ribbon below Check on the button Language and in the opened context menu press Language preferences. Choose in the selection menu [Add additional editing languages] for the language to be added, for example English or German. Then click on the buttons Add and OK. To be able to use the newly added language module, Word must be closed and restarted. Save your open document first!

Even more options

From now on, Word will recognize all added languages. You can even mix languages ​​in a document, you will see that all languages ​​used are checked. By default both spelling and grammar. As mentioned, the grammar checker is sometimes a bit annoying. If you are sure what you are doing in that regard, grammar checking can also be turned off. Click again on the just introduced button Language and Language Preferences. In the window that opens, click in the left column on Check. On the right, check the box for the option Highlight grammar mistakes as you type from. And click OK. Furthermore, it is possible to disable language checking for a document or selected piece of text. To do this, first select the part of text you don't want to be checked (or press Control-A to select all the text). Then click in the ribbon below Check on the button Language and then in the context menu on Set control language. In the window that opens, enable the option Don't check spelling or grammar and click OK. Sometimes this option comes in handy, for example if you're pasting a quote from some exotic language and you want to avoid a sea of ​​red circles.

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