The 3 best translation apps

When you go on holiday, it depends on the country how well you can make yourself understood in English. Especially when you are in a country where the script is completely different from what we know, it can sometimes be a challenge to order a dish, ask for directions or communicate with the people around you at all. A translation app is an ideal solution at such times. These are the 5 best translation apps.

Google Translate

Google Translate is of course one of the best-known apps and sites for translating texts. There are tons of languages ​​available to choose from. In addition, Google Translate has now been developed to such an extent that it not only translates literally, but also adjusts the sentence constructions in such a way that it becomes a logical story. Crazy sentence constructions will therefore no longer occur as often as a few years ago. In addition, you can also immediately click on the speaker to have Google read out what you have translated. This way you learn the pronunciation yourself or you can let a native speaker hear it so that you can make yourself understood. The app also allows you to turn on the camera. This translates the text directly on your screen. Handy if you want to translate menus, for example.


Microsoft Translator

The Microsoft translator works with the same functions as Google Translate. However, the interface of this app is slightly clearer. You can easily record a text, which is automatically read out again in the selected language. You can also record a conversation in the Microsoft translation app, which will then be translated directly for you. To do this, you can share a call code so that each participant in the call can speak directly into the phone. You will then see the translated text on your screen. An extra useful feature is the catalog of frequently used phrases. These are divided into different categories for example travel and routes, indispensable, dining and time, date and numbers. This way you always have the most essential phrases at hand.


Translator and Dictionary

The app dictionary has a lot of commercials in between. That's a drawback. Do you want to stop the ads? Then you pay no less than € 10.99 for the pro version of this app. But this translation app also has a nice extra: it gives you a word of the day. These words are in English and you cannot (at least not with the free version) be converted to another language. But for those who want to expand their understanding of the English language with words that you don't often use or come across, this is a nice perk.


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