When can we expect Windows 10X?

Microsoft has been working on Windows 10X for some time, the operating system that was initially intended for devices with two screens, but is now also being rolled out more widely. Unfortunately, it seems that we will have to wait even longer for the new edition of the well-known operating system.

In October last year, Microsoft announced the Surface Neo, a type of tablet with two LCD screens. Especially for the launch of the device there would be a new operating system, Windows 10X. An operating system with little fuss, a new Start menu without Live Tiles and optimized for using two screens at the same time. Not much later, Microsoft decided to adjust the operating system a bit, so that devices with only one screen can also run on it. This turnaround probably means that Microsoft will take longer to roll out Windows 10X.


According to tech website ZDNet, the first devices from Microsoft that run on Windows 10X should appear in the spring of 2021. A year later, we can expect dual-screen devices that also run Windows 10X, ZDNet said. If this is correct, it will take longer than expected before we can get started with the operating system. Microsoft's website still states that the Surface Neo should be out by the end of this year, and it was always assumed that Windows 10X would roll out almost simultaneously. But according to ZDNet, the Surface Neo isn't coming until 2022, so Microsoft doesn't seem to be in any rush to release Windows 10X.

In May, Microsoft announced that it wanted to convert Windows 10X partly because of the corona crisis. β€œThe world now looks different from last October when we announced our vision for dual-screen Windows devices,” Panos Panay, CEO of Microsoft's Surface and Windows division, said in a blog post.

Many Microsoft products have been given a new look since the corona crisis to meet the needs of many home workers.

New in Windows 10

So it will take a while before we can expect Windows 10X, but it seems that in the meantime Microsoft wants to implement some functionalities of the new operating system in the current Windows 10. It seems that there will be a new start menu and that we can expect new icons for apps. It's not unlikely that Microsoft will make more of these minor tweaks in the run-up to the launch of Windows 10X.

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