Disable Recent Documents and Locations in Windows 10

When you build an operating system, you naturally try to make it as user-friendly as possible. Very nice, but not everyone is always waiting for all functions. Showing recent documents and locations is one of those functions.

Personally, we really like the fact that you can open recent files and locations in Windows almost anywhere. You can see this, for example, in Windows Explorer under the Quick access heading. Folders you've opened recently and the most recent files you've opened are listed there. Also read: This is how you tighten the privacy settings of Windows 10.

The function also works in, for example, the Start menu. When you click on the Start menu and you click on the arrow next to an application, you immediately get an overview of files that you have recently opened for that application. Super handy, but not everyone is waiting for it.

Disable Recent Items and Locations

That does not always have to do with the fact that someone likes to cover his tracks, although there is nothing wrong with that, you have a right to your privacy. It could also just be that constantly displayed recent files and locations cause unrest in, for example, Windows Explorer and that you like to work as minimalistic as possible. Fortunately, this is quite easy to set up Click Start and then Institutions. In the menu that appears, click Personal settings and then Start in the left pane. When you scroll all the way down you will see the option Show recently opened items in Jump Lists in Start or on the taskbar. Turn this switch off. You can also choose the options View most used apps and Show recently added apps Switch off.

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