Keep your secret files safe with AxCrypt

Do you bet that there is also data on your computer that you want to protect against prying eyes? Using encryption software AxCrypt, you encrypt the files on your PC or on an external data carrier. If you don't know the password, you won't be able to see the content and even have no idea what kind of files are involved.

Safe or very safe

AxCrypt's reputation is reassuringly good. This security software is originally a Swedish open source project that has gotten better every year since 2001. Currently, AxCrypt does not only exist for macOS, Linux and Windows, there is also an Android and iOS version. The strength of encryption lies in the algorithm. The more advanced that is, the harder the protection is to crack. The basic version of AxCrypt remains free, but it encrypts files 'only' with a 128-bit aes key. Strong enough to protect files against roommates, colleagues and possibly facade tourists who run away with your PC. If you want a more secure 256bit-aes encryption and an integrated tool that generates passwords, there is the premium version that costs 30 euros per year.

Local password

After the software is installed, you need to enter the password. This password is not stored on the company's servers. AxCrypt warns you clearly: if you forget this password, you will no longer be able to open the encrypted files. You can ask AxCrypt to reset your account, but you can forget about opening files that are protected with an old password. That is also the intention of the software.

Integration in Explorer

A plus of the program is the ease of use. You drag the files or folders that need to be locked into the program window. There is no limitation on the size of the files. Since AxCrypt integrates into the operating system, you can also activate encryption by right-clicking on a file or folder. In the context menu, choose under AxCrypt the assignment Encrypt or decrypt. When a file is encrypted, you can no longer even see which file type it is: a Word file, a jpg photo, a movie? Very interesting is that the software works together with Dropbox and OneDrive, so that you can, for example, open protected files in the cloud via your smartphone.

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