Using Compatibility Mode in Windows 10

It may happen that a certain program does not run at all or does not run very well under Windows 10. In such cases, the compatibility mode can offer a solution. Here we explain how you can use it in Windows 10.

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Compatibility mode mimics properties of other operating systems to help resolve compatibility issues. Here we show you how to run programs in this mode in Windows 10.


You can let Windows search for programs itself by running the Program Compatibility troubleshooter. type run programs in the search box next to the home button. Then select Run programs made for previous versions of Windows and click Next one.

you will now see a list of programs. Choose the program you want to repair. Is the program that causes problems not listed? Then choose Not shown. click on Next one and follow the instructions on the screen.

If this way doesn't work, you can try the following two ways.

Launch programs quickly in compatibility mode

If you're having trouble with a particular program, you can enable compatibility mode extra quickly by right-clicking on the program shortcut and selecting Fix compatibility issues to choose.

You will then be asked a number of questions about whether or not the program works, and based on your answers, the most suitable compatibility mode is applied.

Manually adjust compatibility settings

You can also right-click on the program shortcut and Features > Compatibility select. In this window you can indicate which operating system should be imitated, and you can test all kinds of display settings. You can also under Authority Level Run the program as administrator to avoid any problems with administrator rights.

When not to use?

If security programs such as your antivirus program or firewall do not work properly under Windows 10, you should not try to run them using compatibility mode. This can cause security problems.

If security software does not work properly on your current Windows version, choose an alternative product that is suitable for your operating system. Always keep Windows and your security software up to date.

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